1. Download DT Register component and add-ons.

Access download page of DT Register. The download page includes:

  • DT Register QuickStart - demo package of DT Register with sample data and configuration like demo site
  • DT Register component
  • DT Register themes: List theme and grid theme
  • DT Register add-ons and plugins
  • T3 B3 Blank Template - Free Joomla template used in demo site
  • T3 System Plugin

2. Quickstart installation

Why Quickstart

The quickstart allows you to replicate DT Register demo to your server. It means, after installs the quickstart, you will have a site exactly the same as the demo site.

Download DT Register quickstart package →, upload to your server and extract it.

  1. Step 1 Configuration: add Site name, Admin email, Admin username and password
  2. Step 2 Database: select database type, host name, database username, password, database name & table prefix
  3. Step 3 Overview: select sample data to install, we suggest to use Default English (GB) Sample Data. You can install multilingual in the step.
  4. Step 4 Remove/Rename "installation" folder: for security purpose, you need to rename or remove the "installation" folder

Detail documentation with screenshots

3. Manual Installation

From your site back-end, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install, browse installation file and install one by one.

dth register installation

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