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Best Joomla Events Booking Extension

The most powerful Joomla! events registration/events manager extension provides all needed features to create, display any type of event, manage events registration, get paid from registrants via 40+ popular online payment gateways.

joomla events booking extensions
  • Update on: 14 Jul 2020
  • Current Version: 4.2.8
  • Compatible: joomla 3.9+
events management panel

Powerful Event Management

Many tools are provided to help in managing your events system:

  • Easily add events details: events owner, registration start date, registration end date, events, locations and more
  • Dedicated panel to update information for: Agenda, Sponsor, Speaker and Gallery
  • Set specific payment option for each event
  • Fields and conditional fields configuration for each event
  • Flexible fees configuration and discount options
  • Custom emails and message for each event
Joomla events management extension
DT Register admin panel

Advanced admin panel

The powerful Joomla events management extension comes with all features built-in as options in the admin panel.

Joomla events booking extension panel
  • Manage Events Categories
  • Manage Events
  • Manage Fields
  • Manage payment options
  • Manage discounts code
  • Manage locations
  • Manage themes
  • Manage invoices
  • Front-end management
Multiple options for events registration

Multiple options for events registration

Different options to register for an event

  • Individual Registration allows you to register for one user.
  • Group Registration allow you to register for several users in a group. With group registration rate setup, admin can give discount for group registration (the more members in the group, the more discount).
  • Shopping cart option allows you to register for multiple events within one checkout.
  • Registrants can access to registration history page to view their registration history and edit information of registration records if needed.
Joomla events booking types
dt register onepage checkout

One page checkout

Easy and simple registration process with all new one page checkout.

Joomla events booking one page checkout
  • All checkout steps in one page: registration type, registration details, cart details and checkout.
  • Multiple events checkout
  • When user select a payment gateway, the payment screen from corresponding gateway will show up. Each gateway will require specific information.
dt register payment gateways

50 Payments Gateways Support

DT Register provides integration with many popular payment gateways. It is super easy to configure.

dt register themes and templates

9 FREE Themes and Templates

Clean & well structure layout plus beautiful design.
All the themes and templates are free for DT Register users.

Joomla events registration themes and templates
dt register custom fields

Powerful Custom Fields

Create custom fields to collect any information you want from your registrants.

DT Register joomla events custom fields
  • 10 custom fields types: Birth Date, Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Date time, Heading, Message.
  • Conditional custom fields: show or hide a custom field based on selected value of another custom field.
  • Custom fee fields: total registration fee will be calculated based on what users choose/enter on registration form.
  • Custom field quantity: Limit each option in a custom field (Radio, Checkbox, Select, Multiple select) to a certain number you want.
  • Option to assign custom fields to individual event.
dt register custom fields

Front-end Administrator Control Panel

Admin can manage the whole events management system from front-end:

  • Manage Events Categories
  • Manage Events
  • Manage Fields
  • Manage payment options
  • Manage discounts code
  • Manage locations
  • Manage themes
  • Manage invoices
  • Front-end management
DT Register events management from front-end
dt register custom fields

Custom Fee Fields

Charge different fees based on what user choose/enter on registration form.

  • Single selection (Radio / Single select). Example: Adult 100$, Student 90$, Children 30$.
  • Multiple selections (Checkboxes/Multiple select). Example: Lunch(+100$), Wifi (+10$)
  • Text fee field with fee formula.
  • Multiply value of different custom fee fields to calculate final fee.
dt register custom fields

Flexible Registration Form

Custom, flexible registration form

  • Show/hide fields on registration form.
  • Configure fields to use for each registration type: individual, group.
  • Create additional custom fields to collect any information.
  • Each event can have its own, independent set of custom fields.
  • Registration integration option allows registrants to register for a Joomla account while registering for an event.
dt register discount options

Discount Options

Multiple discount options to encourage registrants to register events.

  • Coupon code types: Fixed discount amount or by percent.
  • Early bird discount: Offer discount if registrants register beforecertain date.
  • Members discount: Offer discount for group registration. Members from different Joomla user groups can have different discount amounts.
  • Group registration rates: The more number of registrants, the lower price.
  • Late fee: Charge additional fee if registrants register after a certain date.
dt register deposit payments

Deposit payment & Waiting List

User can pay deposit / partial for events

  • Partial payment: Enable deposit payment for an event allows users to pay upfront fee and pay remaining fee later (online payment or manually at the event).
  • Enable waiting list allows users to join a waiting list of an event when it is full. Later, if someone cancels the registration, admin can move these waiting lists users into registrants
dt register custom fields

Recurring Events

Create multiple instances of the same event

  • Recurring events daily, weekly, monthly, and sets of dates.
  • Each child event is an independent event with it's own registrants, registration form
  • Update parent event can update information of all children events.
dt register custom fields

Multiple Modules and Plugins

Support multiple plugins and modules to add more features.

  • Up-coming events, mini-calendar, categories, locations, events map, search events module.
  • Plugin to display a specific event or events from certain category on a Joomla article.
  • Plugin to display registration form on a Joomla article.
  • Search plugin allows searching for events via Joomla standard search.
dt register custom fields

Emails notification

Super flexible notification email system.

  • Notification emails sent to administrator when someone registers for an event.
  • Confirmation emails sent to registrants when they register for an event or their registration is approved by admin.
  • Mass Mail to send emails to all registrants of a selected event.
  • Batch Mail to send emails to selected registrant.
  • Reminder emails sent to registrants (automatically by the system) to remind them X-days before the event started.
  • Notification email sent to administrator when registrants cancel his registration.
  • Each event can have it own notification emails and email messages if required.
dt register custom fields

Manage registrants

Support multiple plugins and modules to add more features.

  • View registrants list, search for registrant with search and filter system.
  • Manage registration records: edit, delete or add more registrants.
  • Approve offline payment registration (after receiving payment from registrants).
  • Export/Import registrants to/from Excel, CSV file.
  • Sending mass mail to registrants of an event or to selected registrants.
  • Resend email (in case registrants don't receive it for some reason).
dt register more features

More Features

DT Register joomla events registration tax setting

Tax support

Tax rate can be added for each event to charge tax for registration. Ordering of fee calculation can be set

DT Register joomla events registration location setting

Locations management

Easy create locations from back-end and get directions to a location/venue.

DT Register joomla events registration invoices


Easy to configure invoice: invoice receipt, invoice template, email and a panel to manage all invoices

DT Register joomla events booking guest checkout

Guest registration

Public events can be registered by guests, no login or signup required.

DT Register joomla events registration permission setting

Permission configuration

Assign specific permissions for specific user groups.

DT Register joomla events registration export

Export function

Export registration records data with advanced filter system that allows you export data you want.

DT Register joomla events registration reminder email

Reminder Email Management

Reminder emails will be automatically sent to registrants of your events based on the number of days set prior to the start date of the event

DT Register joomla events registration email integration setting

Newsletter Integration

Supports AcyMailing Mailchimp

DT Register joomla events registration profile sync

Synchronize profile data

Integrate with Joomla user profile and third party extensions: Community Builder, Jomsocial.

DT Register Pricing

Flexible pricing, pay less, get more

DT Register Pro

  • 1 Year Updates
  • All plugins
  • Unlimited domains
  • 20% Renewal discount
  • Forum Support
  • 6 Themes & 4 Templates


$300 - $199 Popular
  • DT Register
  • DT Invoice
  • DT DocuSign
  • DT Donate
  • DT SMS
  • Forum & Ticket Support

DT Register FAQs

Frequent asked questions about DT Joomla Register extension

DT Register works with all current versions of Joomla from 1.5 all the way through the current 3.x and everything in between! While we do still have a version available for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 versions, we no longer support them.

Yes! PayPal Standard and some other gateways come with the component, then other gateways are available via add-on plugins. You have the option of using Authorize.net, PayPal (Standard), PayPal Pro (Website Payments Pro), Stripe, Sage (N. America), USA ePay, TransFirst, eWay, Saferpay, iDeal, Quickbooks Merchant Services (QBMS), PayFast (S. Africa), Korta (Europe), Sofort, Moneris (Canada), NetDeposit, Pay Later, Offline Manual Credit Card or all of the above. Our "Pay Later" option is for offlines payments of various types, but the offline credit card payment allows you to collect credit card info, encrypt it for security, but then process it manually offline. With Authorize.net and USA ePay, you can also use ECheck if your auth.net account has this feature enabled. Your payment options are setup globally, but you can also specify different payment options per event if desired. This means you could use PayPal account A for one event, and then use PayPal account B for another event... for example.

See the DT Register page on our site for full details and the latest payment gateway offerings.

YES! You can select if you want to use the integration or not. If you do, then registration forms will auto-populate with user's Community Builder or JomSocial profile info when they are logged in. Any DT Register field can be syned with any CB or JS field. DT Register works with all current versions of CB and JS.

YES! You can setup a variety of repeating events. All repeats are stand-alone events that can be registered for directly, as opposed to one registration that covers all of the repeat occurrences. NOTE: If you choose to sync with JEvents, you can NOT sync with repeating events from JEvents.

Yes, you can create categories and then assign your events to a category. On the frontend, the events can be listed according to category and there is also a filter to show only the events of a selected category. In the backend, you can re-order how your categories display. Events can be assigned to multiple categories if desired, and you can have multiple category tiers.

YES! DT Register integrates with Falang, which is a 2.5/3.x fork of Joom!Fish. Content elements files needed for both extensions are included in the DT Register package.

YES! There is a frontend panel where users can view their history, then edit/cancel records based on settings by the admin. They can also make additional payments if there is any amount due. Refunds can optionally be calculated as well. Use of this frontend User Panel does require that your registrants login so we recommend setting events as "private" so users have to login first OR using our "Auto User Creation" feature so users can create a login account at the same time as registering for your event!

Yes! You can designate an event as either public or private. All users will see the events in the list, but if the event is private, only logged in users will be able to access the registration form. A customizable message is shown to public users to notify them of the private status of the event. As an alternative, you can redirect public users to a specified URL. This link and message can be customized per event also.

In addition, you can set access levels for each category of events. This would affect who can SEE the event. An access level could be set on a category that would hide all events of that category from all users unless they are logged in and assigned to the appropriate user group.

Yes! For each event, you will have the option of establishing a capacity for the event. The frontend events list can show the capacity and current number registered for each event. If an event is full, the user will be taken to a page that gives them the option of adding themselves to a Waiting List in case space opens up in the event. You can also disable the waiting list and just send a user to a simple message telling them the event is full.

Yes! You can add "fee fields" which allow the user to alter the registration cost based upon the selections they make in your custom fields. Fee adjustments can be made to dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons. You can set a field option to change the registration cost positive, negative or none... and it can be a $ or % amount. This is part of what makes DT Register the most customizable event registration solution for Joomla! These fields can also be conditional. In addition, all events have a base fee (which can be 0) with options of early bird discounts, late fees, member discounts, group discounts, etc.

NONE! You have the OPTION of syncing with the JEvents calendar, but it is not required. DT Register has its own calendar, so a sync with JEvents is not recommended unless you desire to use it for some additional feature.

Yes! In the setup of each registration event, you can provide a date and time for a late fee to be added after that date. You can also specify a discount based on a date and time to be applied for an early bird registration promotion.

Yes! You can customize and enable your attendees list and choose which events you want to show this data. All fields have a parameter to designate if they will be included in a frontend attendee's list. The list can also be set to private and also link to user profiles!

Yes! You can have an individual rate and then a group rate that is calculated one of two ways: either a flat rate for a set number of registrants or a discounted individual rate after a set number of people join a group. When someone goes to register for your event (if both individual and group options are enabled), the first thing they will be asked is if they're registering as an individual or as part of a group. You can also set a limit on how many people can register in a group.

YES you can! Simply enter $0 as the registration fee and all payment options are bypassed in the registration process. You can also customize the form fields differently for free events as compared to the paid events.

Yes! You can have one default email or specify unique emails for each event. These emails can pull in data from the registration such as name, contact info, amount paid, payment method, etc. as well as data from any field that you create. There are also customizable emails that are sent when the user modifies / cancels their registrations, or when the admin modifies the status of a record.

Yes! All registration records are viewable in either the frontend or backend records management. You can also export them into a CSV file where you select which event(s) then which fields and info to include in your customized export file.

Yes and No. DT Register will work fine with the core Joomla SEF, but some users have experienced issues with other 3rd party SEF extensions like sh404SEF. If you have a problem, you would need to "Skip" DT Register in the settings of your SEF component and configure it to use core Joomla SEF for DT Register URLs or leave them as non-SEF. Note that you can create custom URLs to your list of events, calendar, etc without any issue. The URLs throughout the registration process are what will not be 100% SEF.

Yes! DT Register has a powerful and detailed permissions matrix that allows you to set which user groups have access to a list of functionalities within the component. You can also limit groups to only have access to elements (events, pay options, etc) that they are a designated moderator/owner of... so a group could have access to ALL records, or they could only have access to records for events that they are moderators for. Also, you can add individual users to the permissions matrix if someone needs permissions varied from their assigned user group.


Update core limitations

  • Offer unlimited domain support (Done)
  • Offer all plugins for free (Done)
  • Remove license key system (Done)
  • Remove domain checks (Done)
  • Use JoomlArt's basic authentication for updates (Done)

Themes and templates supports

  • Introduce themes and overrides for efficient styling.
  • Develop 4 new themes - Default, conference, events, seminars
  • Brand new Joomla Template featuring DT Register
  • Native support in atleast 4 JoomlArt / Gavick templates.

Improved event detail page

  • Full featured event detail page layouts support in the backend.
  • Event level controls to show / hide fields
  • Introduce Agenda / schedule feature.
  • Support Agenda uploads
  • Introduce Speakers feature, to display speakers in frontend in details view or in module.
  • Sponsors section - update in backend and list out sponsors in frontend.
  • Call for sponsors feature - sponsor plan details, checkout.
  • Gallery Feature
  • Enhanced Map support

Agenda Planner & ticket checkout improvements

Plugins integration

  • Move all payment plugins in single package.
  • Add support for more gateways

DT Register

Best Joomla Event Registration Extension