The file you just downloaded must be unzipped prior to doing any installation. After extracting the files, you will have found this readme file along with a component install zip file and a DT Invoice Create plugin file. These components will run on Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

The integration with DT Register requires that you are on the latest version of DT Register for your respective Joomla version. The DT Invoice extension is contained in the file:


To install the new version of DT Invoice use the Joomla Extension Manager and install from the locally saved version of the DT Invoice component zip file.


Upgrading DT Invoice is simple. Just install the latest version in the Extension Manager like a new installation. This process will install the current version and will retain your invoicing transaction records and all of your configuration settings.


1. When you uninstall the current version, all data in the database will remain (records, etc). Only files are replaced so IF you have made any file changes for CSS or language files, you'll need to back them up prior to uninstalling. If you have not made any changes, then you can skip this step. These files would be:

  • /components/com_dtinvoice/assets/css/dtinvoice.css
  • /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_dtinvoice.ini
  • /administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_dtinvoice.ini

2. Uninstall the current version of DT Invoice. If this is the first time installing DT Invoice skip this step and go directly to Step 3. Your invoicing records and configuration settings will NOT be removed when you uninstall.

3. Install the new version of DT Invoice.

4. IF you have changes in your CSS or language files, compare your backed up old file with the new file to see if anything new has been added since the previous version. If not, you can just re-upload your older file. If there are changes, then re-apply your changes to the new files. For language files, note that any new language tags are always added to the END of the language file, which makes it easy to determine what has been added.

5. Go to the DT Invoice Settings page and verify that your settings are all correct, also checking for any new parameters that may have been added. Be sure to change anything that is needed and then save your settings. Even if you do not make changes, you should save your settings in case there are new items added. This will make sure that all of your parameters have a setting saved into the database.


The extension uses the same zipped file for 2.5 and 3.x. No special steps are required when migrating from 2.5 to 3.x. We do suggest that you backup first as you should with any upgrade process.


If you are using PayPal payments, you must have Instant Payment Notification (IPN) enabled in your PayPal account for registration records to be created properly in DT Donate. To do this, login to your PayPal account and go to Edit Profile. Under the "Selling Preferences" column, click on "Instant Payment Notification Preferences". The next screen will show if this is On or Off. To turn it On, click the EDIT button. Then check the checkbox and then input a url in the Notification URL box. DT Donate actually has the necessary URL coded in, so it doesn't matter what url is input here. If nothing is there, just type in your website URL including the http:// on the front. Click SAVE and you're all set!


This is a plugin that allows you to customize how DT Invoice integrates with DT Register. After installing you can go into the plugin and select which DT Register events to include for automatic invoice generation. When the events are selected here then every time a new registrant completes their registration process an invoice will be automatically created in DT Invoice. There is also an option to exclude certain events from invoice creation too.