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DT Donate joomla donation extension stable released

Finally, after 2 months of development, DT Donate 4.0 Stable version is now available for download. The new version of the leading donation extension for Joomla comes with many new features, major updates: donation campaign management, 40+ popular payment gateways supports, responsive design, improved UI/UX, onepage donation, 2 more modules added and more.

DT Donate 4.0 quickstart available with JA Charity template bonus.

Let look again on all major new features and updates of the DT Donate Joomla Donation extension 4.0

1. Donation Campaign Management

DT Donate 4.0 allows admin to create unlimited Donation campaign category and Donation campaigns and support to show the donation campaigns in list view with flexible layout. Each donation campaign includes title, description, start date, end date, donation goal, minimum amount, maximum amount, donation intro image and full image, pre-defined donation amount.

Donnor can view and select to donate for specific campaign.

Donation extension for Joomla Dt Donate

2. Supports 40+ Payment Gateways

payment gateways for Joomla donation extension DT Donate

3. Easy to donate: Onepage

Donation campaign detail page of Joomla donation extension DT donate

3. Beautiful and responsive design

DT Donate 4.0 now supports responsive, every page loooks great on all supported responsive layouts: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and mobile. Its design, UI/UX is improved alots to make it looks really clean and nice.

responsive donation extension for Joomla

4. Theme feature: Introduce themes and overrides for efficient styling

Theme seting for Joomla donation extension DT Donate

5. Backend UI / UX revamp

Joomla donation extension settings DT Donate

6. Added 2 modules: DT Donate Campaign and DT Donnors modules

Joomla donation extension modules

DT Donate 4.0 Stable release changelog - 10+ bug fixes:

  • Backend - Themes: Update true link
  • Backend - Records: Toolbar need more styled
  • Donate form: Update payments logo
  • Backend: Record detail need more styled
  • Component: Missing language
  • Profile parameters do not work
  • Donation records: Change label to 'Campaign list'
  • Campaign expire should be hidden on the frontend
  • Campaign: Can not auto-generate the alias
  • Remove the 'License Key' parameter if it's not using
  • DT Donate Campaigns module: Missing language
  • Wrong version on the Configuration menu
  • Got error on Donors module
  • Backend: Problem with Campaign alias

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