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DT Register is the most powerful Joomla! events registration/events manager extension, it provides all needed features to create, display any type of event, manage events registration, get paid from registrants via 40+ popular online payment gateways.

DT Register new version 4.2.4 is updated to support Joomla user auto creation, multiple improvements and 20+ bug fixes.

Supports Joomla User Auto-Creation

This feature allows users when registering an event can signup Joomla account. The feature was available on previous versions, it was deactivated when we implemented the one-page checkout. Now, we bring it back.

On setting panel of each event, find te field: Joomla User Auto-Creation, there will be 3 options:

  • No: disable this feature
  • Yes (required): user need to signup if they do not have account yet to register the event
  • Yes (optional): user can still register the event without login or signup.

joomla event registration signup settings

User can login or signup directly on the Event Registration form.

joomla event registration signup settings

This version also includes multiple improvements and 20 bug fixes.


  • Registration requires saving data in profile fields
  • Should attach the link on the Prerequisite event
  • Add the support for date format "June 12, 2012"
  • Backend user reg bypasses customization already done for payment options

Bug fixes

  • Prerequisite Events: Should ignore Closed event
  • Check Prerequisite Categories validation
  • User Profile Integration
  • Got warning error when create a new menu
  • Got 1146 error when require prerequisite categories
  • IE: Duplicate "Add Member" form for Group Registrations
  • All Steps Appearing on One Page
  • Field order reverse
  • Calendar error loading data
  • Conditional Fields Based On Min.Max Group Size Broken
  • Registrations Hanging on "NEXT STEP" button
  • Conditional fields based on discount code
  • Preselection Fields donĀ“t work
  • Community Builder profile sync not working
  • Back end registrations not processing
  • Backend: Problem with registration type
  • Group registration: Member added when refreshing page
  • Login: Mark red boxes when login empty username/ password
  • Got some CSS errors
  • Dropdown box need more styled
  • User Panel: Got notice error when Pay Now
  • Backend: Notice error in record page
  • Invoice: Duplicate rows after PayNow via User Panel
  • [Remove JEvents Sync] unable this function when JEvents has not installed
  • Checkout: Need be a warning when there is no method selected

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