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DT donate Joomla donation extension

Last week, we released DT Donate 4.0 preview with lots of new features and major updates. Today, we are releasing update version of the DT Donate 4.0 preview for bug fixes and improvements.

We also release new preview version for JA Payment Gateway plugin, this is new plugin that will support 40+ payment gateways. It is integrated with DT Donate to handle the payment process.

If you missed the preview release announcement, here is the list of new features:

  1. Campaign management.
  2. Theme and template function
  3. Develop new payment gateway plugin that will support 40+popular gateways
  4. Add more modules
  5. Front-end style and layout improvements
  6. Back-end layout and mockup update

Note: this preview release is FREE and for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

DT Donate 4.0 preview 2 update details:

  • Backend: Missing language
  • Frontend: Currency and box should be in a line
  • Backend: Currency dropdown box need more styled
  • Frontend: Update language for the message when donating without the payment method
  • Backend: Spelling mistake
  • Frontend: Payment method need more styled
  • Backend - Record: Should be shown campaign donated by user
  • Backend: Record list page need more styled
  • Can't show Captcha and Convernience Fee on the donation form
  • Gateway plugin: Missing language
  • Shouldn't allow donate beyond the minimum or maximum amount
  • Frontend: Pre-defined amount should be removed when it's not exist
  • Backend - Categories: Can't auto-generate alias from the title
  • Backend - Categories: Can't delete category
  • All Campaign assigned to the unpublish category should be disabled on the frontend
  • Backend: Can't trash campaign
  • Backend: Menu should be highlighted when it's activating
  • Remove user information on Donate form
  • Backend - Categories: Should be shown TRASH function on toolbar
  • Got CSS error on Donate form
  • Gateway plugin: Logo parameter does not work
  • Gateway plugin: Spelling mistake
  • Backend: Got error page when open Custom Fields page
  • Frontend: Got error when disable any field
  • Frontend: Shouldn't allow selecting the negative number
  • Backend: Campaign UI
  • Donate Profile page is not styled
  • Frontend: Shouldn't allow editing convenience fee
  • Can't show convenience fee
  • Got error page after added custom field
  • Payment logo need more styled
  • Terms and conditions content
  • Backend: Should have the option to on/off 'terms and conditions'
  • Frontend: Can't show values of the custom field
  • Backend - Configuration: Should keep the page when saving
  • Backend: Custom field UI
  • Backend - Custom field: Label should be auto-generate from name
  • Backend-Custom field: Some parameters do not work
  • Backend - Custom field: Add more function on the toolbar
  • Scaling and making the component more versatile alike DT Register
  • add options for campaigns

JA Payment Gateway plugin preview 2 update details:

  • Twocheckout removed as deprecate lib
  • Payment logo need more styled
  • Gateway plugin: Logo parameter does not work
  • Gateway plugin: Missing language
  • Can't checkout by Paypal Pro

DT Donate 4.0 Roadmap:

  • Support more payment gateways on new Payment gateway plugin
  • Develop more themes
  • Support DT Donate in Joomla templates
  • Support more currencies

Download Preview version (free)