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DT Register joomla event registration update


Last week, we released DT Register 4 stable. This week, we are releasing update for DT Register - 4.0.1 for bug fixes and improvements. We also released stable version for DT Register themes: Grid theme and List theme.

DT Register component 4.0.1 update details


  • [Backend] Should support sort the event by click on column title
  • Should order dth news feed by latest date
  • Remove unused icon
  • Tabs should be actived when it's opened on user page
  • [frontend] Should have Back button when select one of the control panel options

Bug fixes:

  • Need restyle ICS Events Import page
  • shouldnt show error when acymailing is not installed
  • Got some error on registration page
  • Got notice error invoice detail page
  • Got error when register an event with new an account
  • Need more style on registration page
  • Always show required field on date field when already picked a date
  • Restyle close icon on share box
  • Still have link when leave empty location
  • Cant show avatar on registrants page
  • Community builder not loading profile data
  • Got catchable fatal error when download pdf invoice on billing and invoice page
  • Got error when sort admin email column
  • [addon] Cant select event owner for imported events
  • Got many notice error on Field Management on the frontend
  • Should mark required fields on location page
  • Cant distinguish start date or end date on event list page
  • Got message popup when cancel sharing event detail
  • Got error when click on page navigation
  • Got a problem when copy event
  • Should remove redundant message on sponsor, speaker, agenda setting
  • Missing language after sharing event
  • Missing color icon on edit category page
  • Back button is not working on CSV Export Utility page
  • Cancel button is not working on location page
  • Three menus are actived at the same time
  • Got error on email template management
  • Empty when view emails on mass email records
  • Attendees button always shows in Public

DT Register List theme and Grid theme stable version release with style improvements and bug fixes

DT Register joomla event registration themes

List theme changelog

  • User Panel: Got css error on Profile Fields
  • Got some error with dt list theme v1.0.0 beta
  • Got css error on event list page
  • Realign page navigation

Grid theme changelog

  • Cant see textbox fields on profile page

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