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DT sms Joomla automate sms extension

Last week, we released DT SMS 2.0 Beta with with bug fixes and improvements support. Today, we are releasing DT SMS 2.0 Stable with new improvements and bug fixes.

DT SMS 2.0 powerful Joomla SMS extension:

DT SMS is a powerful SMS messaging Joomla-based applications. DT SMS can enable your Joomla installation to behave like a smart device by sending and receiving SMS messages, but unlike smart devices, it is designed to scale up and support high volume messaging. DT SMS supports 2 most popular SMS provides: Twilio’s gateway and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

DT SMS 2.0 Stable release details:


  1. Sender form: should show Direction how to setup Gateway Sender
  2. if user enter the wrong info
  3. Implement End date config to Recurring
  4. SMS Message: Add time for End Date Setting of Recurring

Bug fixes:

  1. Template SMS: disable temp but still show when choosen on SMS Detal
  2. Two factor: Missing style in front-end
  3. Two factor on Front-end: Change behaviour to Submit
  4. Uninstall: can't uninstall the Package
  5. Recipient: Add User from User List get JS error
  6. SMS Message: Error style & error Language on Jomsocial Intergrate
  7. Should show Prompt when no Sender exists
  8. SMS Message: Shouldn't show disable field of Jomsocial
  9. Reply Setting: Must validate Email Forward Field
  10. SMS Message: Get error undefined on Create New with Link Article
  11. Plg SMS Joomla Activity Monitor : get error when saving User Profile
  12. Plg Joomla Activity Monitor: Not choose any activities, still get the SMS for new activity update
  13. SMS cron: Get error when set Cron
  14. Queues of Auto Recurring: Can't auto Send SMS
  15. Auto Recurring: Can't make SMS into Queues
  16. Recipient: Subscribe status is not save on first time Saving
  17. List disable: shouldn't Load in any other Page.

Download DT SMS 2.0 Stable version