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As stated in roadmap, DT Register 4.0 will have 4 themes by default with different layout, color theme and style. Before, we released Grid theme and List theme, today, we are releasing 3 more themes: Grid 2, Linear and Retro theme.

We also rebuild our quickstart package with JA Platon Joomla template with all themes included and demo data. This will help you to replicate our demo site in easy way and can help you quickly build an event booking website.

3 new themes for DT Register Joomla event registration extension.

Note: All themes are FREE. You can download the templates in the download page of DT Register 4

Grid 2 Theme

grid theme for joomla event booking extension DT Register

Retro Theme

Linear theme for joomla event registration extension DT Register

Linear Theme

joomla event registration retro theme DT Register

New quickstart built with JA Platon template

The new demo site and quickstart package is now based on JA Platon template. It looks much more beautiful with all pages, features and themes. The new quickstart will help you quickly build a complete Event Booking / Event registration website with ease.

DT Register 4.0.4 changelog details:

9 Bug fixes:

  • [Frontend] Missing icons on Agenda, sponsor, speaker page
  • Got error page when canceling register event
  • Register form: Add a star on the required parameter
  • Got some error on Event Management page
  • Render no message after checkout by PayPal
  • Problem when sharing an event
  • Missing language when sharing via email
  • Event list: Improvement search bar
  • DT Calendar Module: Waring error

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