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DT Register - Joomla Event Registration 4.0 Beta 2 Released with user profile function, invoice feature improvement and bug fixes

DT Register joomla event registration beta released

Today we would like to announce DT Register 4.0 Beta 2 update for new feature of User Profile field, big improvement for Invoice built-in feature and bug fixes. DT Register 4.0 is a major update version with new features, core improvements and workflow updates.

1. User profile function

In order to simplify the event registration and checkout process, we implement the function of User profile field.

How the user profile function works?

When creating a field from Field panel, admin can configure to enable this field as profile field.

dt register user profile field setting

In the user panel, user can update the field in the Profile Fields tab.

dt register user profile field update

When user register an event, in the event registration form, data of profile fields will be auto loaded. This will save time for user to update the data every time they register event.

event registration form

Note: User can change the data of the profile fields in the event registration form, the data will not be updated to the default data of the profile fields.

2. Invoice feature improvements

DT Register 4.0 integrates DT Invoice (powerful invoice Joomla extension allows you to create and manage client invoices and accept online payments) as a core function with simplied workflow and improvements. Check out more info about DT Invoice HERE

1. Invoice template style improvement

event registration invoice

2. Easy to customize invoice template

event registration invoice template setting

3. Advanced settings for invoice

event registration invoice

More core features of the invoice function.

#1. Create / edit invoice

create new invoice

#2. Export and import invoices

Admin can select to export all or specific invoices and select fields to be exported. The export file is in .csv format.

export invoices

To import invoice, access the Import panel and select .csv file to import.

export invoices

#3. Send invoice email to users

Select invoices and hit the button "Email", it will send invoice to corresponding user's email.

send invoice to user

#4. Delete invoice: select invoices and hit the "Delete" button

3. List theme released with style improvement

We plan to release 4 themes for DT Register 4 and 2 themes are alreay released : Grid theme and List theme. Today we release update for List theme with style improvement.

event registation joomla theme

4. Bug fixes:

  • Should remove close or delete icon on record detail page
  • Translation missing on event details tab setting
  • [invoice] Got notice error on invoice pdf file
  • [invoice] Having problem with page navigation
  • [invoice] Got TCPDF error when download invoice file
  • [Frontend] Display record on user panel page incorrectly when register multiple events
  • Show user name option not working
  • ACL not working appropriately with "Edit category" unchecked for registered user
  • [frontend] Should add star icon to required field on user profile page
  • [Frontend] Missing language on profile page
  • [Frontend] Should restyle profile page and invoice page
  • [Frontend] Got wrong message after saving profile
  • [Frontend] Got error on profile page when enable age group on profile page
  • Shouldn't allow creating a new category with the empty name
  • [Frontend] Cant insert my registration info to my profile page
  • [profile] Always required field when saving profile
  • [userpanel] Payment status is not updated correctly
  • [userpanel] Got notice error when edit record item
  • Frontend: Should have message alert when inputting the invalid discount code
  • [Invoice] Wrong the due date
  • [Frontend] Missing all icons when using joomla template default
  • Validation shows wrong icon.
  • CSV Export is not working
  • [Frontend] Got 500 error when adding record group
  • [profile] Cant save my profile fields
  • Cant show profile setting on the frontend setting

Upcoming features:

Please check out detail roadmap of DT Register from this link:

Downloads and demo:

DT Register 4.0 preview release is FREE for download, it is for testing purpose, please do not use it for your project.

Download Preview version (free) More Details Demo