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Stay informed with the latest news from DTH Development!  Here you can find all updates regarding new extension releases, bug fixes, feature updates, and more.

Preview release of DT Register - one of best Joomla event registration extension with following new features and major updates is available for download. In terms of features, DT Register has always been on the lead but from UI/UX point of view there is lots that can be improved and that's what we did. Please go through the important changes that have been made to DT Register to extend its scope as well as design and theme updates.

DT Register older backend

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DT Register 3.2.4 - now supporting PHP7 and Joomla 3.8

DT Register version 3.3.0 is now available with some very exciting updates! However, this announcement also brings along with it updates to DT SMS, DT Donate, DT Docusign and DT Invoice! We've been very busy around here! All updates are available through the Joomla update system or downloading from My Orders. Everything is ready to go with the latest Joomla updates as well.

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