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At DTH Development, we strive to provide quality Joomla components and modules to you to make your Joomla-developed website accomplish everything that you want it to.  Below, you will find our currently available extensions.  If you have suggestions for a component or module you'd like to see developed or you want to hire us to create one for you, use our Contact form.

DT Register - Event Registration for Joomla Print E-mail

DT Register - event registration and calendar for Joomla

Current Version: 3.2.3a (J3.x) / 2.8.18 (J2.5)
(updated Aug. 29, 2017)

Do you have events that people must register for to attend? Do those events cost money to attend? Well, now you can setup online event registration and event booking where you can collect the registrant's information AND their payment via credit card. DT Register processes payment through many different gateways such as PayPal (Standard), PayPal Pro, WorldPay (Europe), Quickbooks Merchant Services (QBMS), TransFirst, Sage (N. America), PayFast (S. Africa), USA ePay, PSiGate, Saferpay, iDeal (Rabobank Lite), Korta (Europe), Moneris (Canada), ePDQ (United Kingdom), PrismPay (USA), Sofort (Europe), PayWay (Australia), PayFlow Pro by PayPal or offline payment options. You can also setup an event as a FREE event.

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DT Donate - Online Donations for Joomla! Print E-mail

DT Donate

Current Version: 3.0.0 (Joomla 2.5 & 3.x)  - (updated Dec 24, 2013)

There are many components available for Joomla where you can accept donations via PayPal, but what if you have your own merchant account that you want to use? Until now, you've been left hanging. NOW, you can take online donations with a merchant account that processes through the Authorize.net, USA ePay and Moneris payment gateways AND also still provide the PayPal option to users.

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DT Register Payment Gateway Plugins Print E-mail

While some payment gateway options come already within our popular DT Register event registration component, we have built additional payment plugins that you can acquire for a small additional cost. These plugins are NOT required to use DT Register, but are only needed if you desire to use one of these payment methods. 

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DT DocuSign - Doc Signing for Joomla Print E-mail

DT Docusign - Doc Signing for Joomla

Current Version: 1.2 (Joomla 3.x / 2.5)
(updated May 11, 2017)

Do you utilize the popular DocuSign web application for managing important documents and having them signed? We have integrated this great solution into Joomla, bringing this tool right into your Joomla website! You can manage templates and documents from the administrator side, and your site users can login and see docs that are assigned to them... and even sign them right within your site!

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DT Invoice - Invoicing and BIll Payment for Joomla! Print E-mail


Current Version: 1.0.1 (J2.5 and J3.x) (updated 03/19/14)

This Joomla component allows you to create and manage client invoices and accept online payments. You create an invoice including item details, product descriptions, payment terms, etc and assign it to a user with a set due date. DT Invoice integrates directly with DT Register making it possible to automatically generate invoices when your customers register for events.   There is even a plugin to build rules on what events will have invoices generated upon registrations.

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DT ACL Fix Print E-mail


Current Version: 1.0 (J3.x / J2.5)
(updated Aug. 21, 2015)

Have you experienced problems with Joomla's ACL group assignments and associated permissions not being updated in REAL TIME for a logged in user? Joomla natively determines a user's permissions at the time the user logs in and doesn't update those permissions while a user is logged in even if an application or an administrator has changed or even REVOKED their permissions and/or group assignments. 

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