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DTH Development and PayPal have entered into a partnership that will benefit every DTH customer! Under this partnership, you have the option to have an integrated payment gateway that supports both credit cards and PayPal transactions. This partnership also allows DTH customers to fall into a group discount that is identified by a BN code in the payment transaction. PayPal is offering DTH customers introductory transaction rates of 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction and waiving monthly fees (normally $30 per month).

These introductory rates will apply for 90 days. They will continue past the intro period by providing documentation asserting nonprofit status. For anyone else, the rates will move to:

  • $10,000+/month:  2.2% + $.30
  • $3k - $10k/month: 2.5% + $.30
  • $0 - $3k/month:  2.9% + $.30
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