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DT Menu

Current Version: 1.5.11 (released Oct. 27, 2011)

This is a new menu editor solution for Joomla 1.5 native that blows away all other options! Without using a menu editor, you are stuck with whatever menu styling is included in your template... that is unless you are a CSS master and can dig through all of the mess of your template and make changes as needed. You MIGHT be able to pull off a couple changes, but are you going to get exactly what you want? Probably not. Are you going to have 3 states for your menu items? Nope...

This is where DT Menu comes in. You can use our editor to fully customize your Joomla menus. You can alter colors, size, positions, borders, submenu styling and more! One of the best features is that with every color, border and background image setting, there are 3 states to use: the regular link, the hover/highlight, and the active state. No other menu system makes it this easy!! Make your menus look and function exactly the way you've always wanted them to. Now it is so easy, anyone can have great menus!


  • Supports Joomla 1.5.x NATIVE
  • Three states for each menu item
  • Multiple menu support - not limited to just one!
  • Horizontal or Vertical support
  • Submenus (dropdown, slide out, etc)
  • Icon support for each menu item
  • Expansion symbols to show submenus
  • Ability to use background images instead of solid colors
  • Ability to upload your own images for backgrounds, icons, expansion symbols, etc
  • Shadow and Fading effects for submenus
  • Assignable to specific templates
  • Transparency support for submenus
  • Distributed under the GPL license
  • Free updates, downloads and support for 1 year! The Developer license purchase gets you 2 years of updates.
  • Single Site license is not restricted to install and run on only one site, but you only get support for one site. The Developer license gives you support access for multiple sites.

Cost: $50 USD (Single Site)

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user: demo1 / pass: demo123
Cost: $375 USD (Developer Site) Purchase DT Menu (Developer)

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