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DT Donate

Current Version: 3.0.0 (Joomla 2.5 & 3.x)  - (updated Dec 24, 2013)

There are many components available for Joomla where you can accept donations via PayPal, but what if you have your own merchant account that you want to use? Until now, you've been left hanging. NOW, you can take online donations with a merchant account that processes through the Authorize.net, USA ePay and Moneris payment gateways AND also still provide the PayPal option to users.

When using your Authorize.net account, the payment is done completely within your own website or you can use the AUTH SIM feature to redirect the authorization process to the Authorize.net site. Donations can be set as recurring (if you have ARB on your account) and can also use ECheck (if Echeck is enabled on your account). Donation records are kept and are able to be exported in a CSV file for your records. You can also easily edit the form style with CSS and create custom form field elements.

DT Donate also allows you to build custom emails thanking contributors for their donations and also a custom onscreen message that can be displayed above the donation form.


  • Works with both Joomla  1.5 / 2.5 / 3.x
  • Community Builder Integration (1.7 and later)
  • Convenience Fees ($ or %)
  • Ability to have User-Input donation amounts AND/OR admin Pre-Set amounts
  • MyScript plugin allows you to trigger your own processes upon the completion of a donation
  • Authorize.net payment gateway
  • PayPal payments
  • ECheck payment option (Authorize.net)
  • Recurring Billing (Authorize.net ARB or PayPal)
  • USA ePay Gateway (2.5 only) support for cards and EChecks
  • Re-order and customize the form fields
  • CSV Export of donation records
  • Custom Fields (textbox, textarea, radio buttons, checkbox, dropdowns)
  • Custom email messages and receipts using email "tags" to insert data from the transaction
  • Default Currency options
  • CAPTCHA security code
  • CB Plugin included to show user's donation history in their profile (visible only to the profile owner)
  • Distributed under the GPL license
  • Free updates and downloads for 1 year!

Cost: $40 USD (single site)

Get DT Donate - Single Site View DEMO of DT Donate

Cost: $300 USD (Developer)

Get DT Donate - Developer

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